About the Magic Behind LessTimeSpent

Just a bit about us...

Contact Information

Dot Konnect, Inc.
13111 North Central Express Way
Suite 8010
Dallas, TX 75243
Fax: 469-519-5659
is based out of Jacksonville, Florida. The company has been a successful web firm for several years and began pursuing Ruby on Rails product development in 2007. In the beginning, we struggled with time tracking, so we created LessTimeSpent to help us out. Everything about is simple and useful. We hope it brings clarity to your time tracking needs as it has done for us and thousands more.

Dot Konnect is a highly profitable, extremely happy company that loves what we do. We'll be around for a long time building other apps and constantly improving the existing apps we have.

Who are these people?

Totally good-looking and charming, oh and we build cool things.

Steve, a former motorcycle racer, has gone over 150 miles per hour with his knee on the ground but the scariest part of life has been raising his three children.
You can find Allan with his family on Shell Island or building lamps in his magical workshop, alone, in the quiet. On second thought, stay away, don't bother him.
Eugen writes code so beautiful it makes grown men cry. Thankfully for them, he's been writing Less Code for the last three years.
Annette is in charge of customer happiness and team awesomeness. Likes: Disneyland, horror movies. Dislikes: Pickles, exposure to sunlight.
Eric makes stuff for people who want stuff. Cool stuff like videos & stuff. If you need some stuff let me know. @ericdarnell for a good time.
Anna handles administrative tasks for LessEverything and is also Allan's Baby's Momma. She also helps out with LessConf annually.
Danny loves watching and playing soccer. If he's not shooting field goals in a soccer match he's probably working with Eric on the next awesome video.