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Alternatives to Skype

Written by on May 4
Alternatives to Skype

“What do you use for video chats?” Most people will probably answer Skype.

The stats support how widespread it is. According to an April 2013 update from the Skype blog, Skype handles over 2 bn. connection minutes a day.

“Well, fine, I get it,” you say. “Everyone just loooooves Skype. But I hate it. I want something else. Do you have alternatives to Skype?” As a matter of fact, I do.

Alternatives to Skype

Google Hangouts, Google’s Skype Alternative

If you’re looking for an alternative from a trusted name, voila.

Google Hangouts to the rescue. From your computer, just select your contacts or type in a number, and you’re all set to make calls. Those placed to the US/Canada are free, while calls to other countries are a-OK too. Check out rates here.

Once you’re on a voice call, it’s easy to add more people or turn it into a video chat, and you can conference with up to 10 people for free. This is a definite hit against Skype - on that service, you can only video chat 1-on-1. You’ll need Skype Premium for more.

And for those with an (ahem) exhibitionist streak, you can broadcast live via Hangouts on Air. It spits out a recording too, for you YouTube junkies. (Learn more about that here.)

Best of all, you never have to worry about compatibility. Google Hangouts works on iOS and Android, plus laptops and desktops. It works from right inside Gmail too.

Nothing to worry about.


If you’re looking for an alternative to Skype, ooVoo is one you should be considering.

One big reason why? ConnectionLock. With ooVoo’s ConnectionLock, the tech automatically detects and adjusts based on your connection speed. Meaning, less dropped calls. (This is good for all freelancers trying to hook a client. Nothing is less unprofessional than dropping a call all of a sudden. Yikes.)

ooVoo vs Skype

  • The service lets you call up to 12 people.
  • Like Skype, calls are free for ooVoo users, and at low costs for mobiles and landlines.
  • The PC version allows file sharing, while the Mac counterpart lets you screen share. Other features include IM functionality, and the ability to use ooVies on mobile.
  • And if the user you’re calling isn’t online, you can also leave a video message of up to five minutes. You get call recording, too. To give you a comparison, call recording is available on Google Hangouts. But only when it’s a Hangout on Air.

The monthly plan is also cheaper than Skype, so it’s a definite alternative, cost-wise. Here’s the full lowdown on ooVoo’s pricing, as well.


Think of Skype as a sensible Ford Fiesta. It’s reliable enough to meet most needs. But if you want a powerhouse, consider UberConference. It’s the Ferrari of video conferencing.

The proof? Here’s a sampling of features on offer, aside from basic calls/video chats.

One, you get a beautiful interface. Then you have HD audio, and audio control to block annoying noises. Call recording is free, as is basic conferencing on an unlimited basis. Another plus is its integration with Google Hangouts.

As their site says, “If you have a Google account, you’re already on UberConference.”

For those using it professionally, you can share documents with your team via Evernote and Box. Like other services, there’s also mobile apps for callers on the go. And for the international users out there, you can call from over 40 countries.

Should you be afraid of missing a call, you can have UberConference call you too.

And because it would take a day to list all features, I’ll let UberConference take it away.

Here’s the complete breakdown of features and pricing details. For bigger needs, check out UberConference Business.

The Verdict

Simple, really. For personal use and small teams, I recommend Google Hangouts or ooVoo. And if you really need maximum power, UberConference is your bet for an alternative to skype.