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Team Building Ideas

Written by on Nov 16
team building ideas

Research from Citrix has shown that 31 percent of office workers say they can’t stand team building activities.

So why not have some team building that the team will actually like. Will it reinforce the proper safety protocols for a fire drill? No but with these fun team building exercises your employees won’t want to burn the office down.

Let’s cover five types of activities and look at examples of all of them.

Volunteering As A Group

If you have never spent time volunteering, then this one may seem odd at first. However there is nothing like it. Not only do you feel great about yourself there is a bond formed between everyone involved.

Rescue shelter - Local shelters are always looking for an extra hand. Many are specialized so you can choose between a mens, or womens and children’s shelter to volunteer at.

Animal shelter - Your office full of pet lovers? Try offering to help out some less fortunate animals.

After school program - Maybe you prefer working with children in an afterschool program. Great, the kids really benefit from the quality time, and of course are thankful for the help with their homework.

Team Physical Activities

Get out and get the blood pumping.

Bowling - One of the all time best group activities. Equal parts physical activity and sitting around hanging out. How can you go wrong with this one? Have a few employees to cool for bowling shoes? No problem, most allies also have a pool hall. Everyone wins.

Softball - Try forming a small team at the park for a one off game, or if you aren’t afraid of a little commitment, sign your team up for a city league.

Hiking - Have an active bunch? Look up the best local hiking locations around. Or make it a company trip and visit Yosemite National park, or Yellowstone national park. Both have some of the best hiking and camping spots.

Laser tag - A classic group activity. Laser tag in fun, challenging, and competitive. Nothing promotes team bonding like having a common enemy. Unfortunately that foe may just be the other half of your team.

Paintball - Think lasertag with bruises. Lots and lots of bruises.

Field trips - Learn how a local business runs or get some culture at an art center.

Museum - Visit a museum and learn about art, music, and history.

Local attraction - What does your town have locally that your team would love to visit together? Sometimes the best trips are the simple unexpected ones.

Amusement park - How about some team rollercoasting? Head on out to the closest amusement park. Your team will have a blast, but as an added bonus, you get a built in road trip to get there. Nothing says bonding like being stuck in the car with each other.

Professional Development Activities with Your Co-Workers

Team building and skill sharpening all in one.

Conferences - Take your team to a trade conference. Not only will they be bonding as a team, they will come back better equipped to do their job.

Improv comedy lessons - A fun night that brings the team together, and helps grow their self awareness, and ability to think on their feet.

Public speaking events - Groups like toastmaster are great ways to grow and in your whole team is involved you will grow as a group. One more example of bringing the team closer together and improving the skills of each member of the team.

Shared Meals With CoWorkers

Check out our article about team lunch ideas.

As you can see the possibilities are endless. WIth so many options it’s easy to put it off as you think about the very best solution for your team. Our advice is just pick one. Maybe start with something small and easy like bowling, then work your way up to the bigger events.